Catechumens in Uspensky Cathedral. Photo: Orthodox Parish of Helsinki


Teaching for catechumens 2022

Have you ever glanced at an Orthodox church and wondered what it looks like inside? Maybe you have heard something about Orthodoxy from a friend but never really took the step to get acquainted more seriously? Are you fascinated by what lies underneath the golden cupolas and all the beautiful art within the orthodox church? Are you drawn to the incense, the burning candles and the singing during the divine services? Or maybe you already are versed when it comes to Theology but feel the need to explore the Orthodox, Apostolic faith on a more detailed level? Maybe you never became baptized? Or if, the present knowledge in Christian faith leaves with unanswered questions? Having answered “yes” to at least one of the previous questions, the following might be something for you. 

A catechumen is a person who wishes to become a part of The Apostolic Orthodox Church and prior to that attends the teaching needed. This autumn the teaching will begin on Tuesday November 15th 2022 at 6 p.m. in the Hall of Mirolybov at Liisankatu 29 (4th floor) in Helsinki. As teacher Rikhard Dahlström, student of Orthodox Theology at the University of Eastern Finland, will guide you through the steps of becoming an Orthodox and tell you what it is to be an Orthodox Christian, with all its joys but also strivings. 

The two-hour lessons will be held every second Tuesday (at the time and location mentioned above), whilst The Divine Liturgy, our most important religious service, will be held at The House Church, next to the Hall of Mirolybov, in English every second Sunday during the month beginning at 10 a.m. This service is open for everyone, but only the faithful members of The Orthodox Church may attend the Holy Communion. However, the Divine Liturgy in itself is teaching to the highest extent and should be attended regularly by everyone. 

After having completed the catechumen teaching, The Orthodox Church welcomes you as members. Accordingly, to the Orthodox rite, this may take place right before the following Easter at the earliest, whether you need to be baptized or are taking part of Chrismation. But the decision can also wait. We would also like to inform you, that there will be no exam nor test for you to prove your knowledge in Orthodoxy. The idea of teaching is for everyone by themselves getting to know the Orthodox teaching and Tradition, where no competition is needed: this is done for our own membership and salvation at the end. Therefore, personal studies and learning by doing under guidance is the best way. On the other hand, you will need to find a personal godparent in good Orthodox standing. Regular meetings with an Orthodox priest, your spiritual Father to be, will also be of importance – we will get back to this, as well. 

Signing up for the teaching in advance is not needed. Once again, Orthodox faith and membership of The Church is personal, we learn as we go. But there will be a mandatory number of classes needed for completing. All you need to do is show up and bring a notebook with a sharp pencil with you. 

Hope to see you! 

Yours in Christ, 


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